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At Coastal Carolinas Monitoring LLC, we take pride in our decade-long commitment to providing unparalleled alcohol, drug, and GPS monitoring services. Established with the mission to uphold the highest standards in monitoring solutions, we have been serving the criminal and family law arenas, as well as government organizations across the states of South Carolina and Florida.


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For inquiries or to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us. Coastal Carolinas Monitoring LLC is here to provide the monitoring solutions you can rely on.


We offer a range of monitoring services, including alcohol, drug, and GPS monitoring, designed to meet the varied needs and requirements of our clients. Our cutting-edge technology ensures accuracy and reliability in every facet of our monitoring services.

GPS Monitoring

State-of-the-art GPS tracking to facilitate secure and effective location monitoring.

Alcohol Monitoring

Remote Breath and CAM are reliable and accurate alcohol monitoring solutions for legal cases and personal well-being.

Drug Monitoring and Testing

Comprehensive drug monitoring and testing services to ensure compliance and safety.

GPS Monitoring Solutions

Experience real-time GPS ankle monitoring with Coastal Carolinas Monitoring LLC. Our cutting-edge technology provides instant violation reports generated by computers, ensuring a swift response to any discrepancies. Whether for court-ordered obligations or voluntary purposes such as addressing stalking or false accusations, our GPS monitoring service empowers you to easily prove your whereabouts. To get started, a one time set-up fee and the initial month of monitoring are due upfront.

Key Features

Superior Location Accuracy: Benefit from precise and reliable location tracking to enhance the effectiveness of our monitoring service.

Immediate Tamper Notifications: Receive instant alerts in the event of any tampering attempts, ensuring the integrity of the monitoring process.

Industry-Leading Battery Life: Our advanced technology is designed for prolonged battery life, minimizing disruptions and enhancing the overall efficiency of the monitoring experience.

Real-Time Pursuit Capabilities: Stay informed with real-time tracking capabilities, enabling quick response and intervention when necessary.

Community Safety Enhancement: Coastal Carolinas Monitoring LLC is committed to increasing community safety by providing a robust and reliable GPS monitoring solution.

GPS Analytics – Unleashing Insight

Our GPS analytics go beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive understanding of movement patterns and locations:

Verification of Co-defendant Locations: Easily verify if co-defendants have been to the same location(s), providing crucial context for legal proceedings.

Expedient Identification of Travel Patterns: Swiftly identify travel patterns, stops, and unknown locations to enhance monitoring efficiency.

Google Maps Integration: Access street views through Google Maps, offering a visual representation of monitored locations.

Rapid Analysis of Voluminous GPS Data: Analyze months’ worth of extensive GPS data within seconds, providing valuable insights for legal and personal purposes.

Choose Coastal Carolinas Monitoring LLC for advanced GPS monitoring solutions that prioritize accuracy, security, and efficiency. Whether it’s court-mandated requirements or voluntary use, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Alcohol Monitoring Solutions (Remote Breath)

Introducing a discreet and portable device for a range of applications, including criminal/DUI cases, domestic violence situations, and family law proceedings where establishing proven sobriety is essential for child time-sharing agreements. Whether utilized voluntarily or court-ordered, our alcohol monitoring device ensures accuracy and reliability in tracking sobriety. To get started, a one time set-up fee and the initial month of monitoring are due upfront.

Key Features

Government-Grade Facial Recognition: Incorporating advanced facial recognition technology, our device ensures government-grade accuracy in identifying individuals, enhancing the credibility of sobriety monitoring.

Fixed, Random, and On-Demand Testing: Tailor your monitoring approach with options for fixed, random, or on-demand alcohol testing, providing flexibility to meet specific requirements.

Client-Initiated Testing: Empower clients to initiate their own tests, promoting a collaborative and proactive approach to sobriety monitoring.

Alleviate Time-Sharing Sobriety Concerns: Specifically designed for family law cases, our solution alleviates concerns related to time-sharing arrangements by providing accurate and verifiable sobriety data.

Immediate Notification of Test Results: Receive instant notifications in the event of failed or missed tests, allowing for prompt intervention and follow-up actions.

Customizable Text Notifications: Personalize your experience by activating or deactivating text notifications for upcoming tests, putting you in control of your monitoring preferences.

Choose our advanced alcohol monitoring solutions to ensure a reliable and discreet approach to sobriety verification. Whether it’s for legal compliance or personal accountability, our device is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, providing peace of mind and fostering a safer environment.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM)

Introducing CAM, the innovative ankle bracelet designed for Continuous Alcohol Monitoring. This cutting-edge device measures your Transdermal Alcohol Concentration (TAC) every 30 minutes, providing around-the-clock monitoring. To get started, a one time set-up fee and the initial month of monitoring are due upfront.

Key Features

Automated TAC Sampling: CAM automatically samples the wearer’s perspiration every 30 minutes, ensuring a comprehensive and continuous assessment of alcohol levels.

Elimination of Testing Gaps: Say goodbye to gaps in testing. With frequent measurements, CAM offers a seamless and consistent monitoring experience, leaving no room for undetected periods.

Encourages Accountability: By promoting regular and automated monitoring, CAM encourages wearers to be accountable for their actions, fostering a sense of responsibility.

Supports Sobriety: The continuous and real-time nature of CAM contributes to the support of sobriety, resulting in higher court compliance rates and increased success in achieving long-term behavior change.

Enhances Community Safety: By providing accurate and timely information, CAM contributes to the overall safety of the community, helping to prevent potential risks associated with alcohol-related incidents.

Multiple Tamper Mechanisms: CAM is equipped with multiple built-in tamper mechanisms, ensuring the integrity of the monitoring process and preventing any attempts at interference.

Proven Support for Behavior Change: With a track record of success, CAM has been proven to support long-term behavior change, making it a reliable and effective tool for individuals seeking sobriety.

Choose CAM for continuous alcohol monitoring and experience a state-of-the-art solution that promotes accountability, enhances community safety, and supports lasting behavior change.

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Drug Monitoring Patch

Introducing our state-of-the-art Drug Monitoring Patch, a revolutionary solution for detecting both drug metabolites and parent drugs. Unlike instant urine tests that only identify metabolites, our patch offers a comprehensive approach that is challenging to dilute, substitute, or adulterate without detection. With 24/7 continuous wear time lasting up to 14 days per patch, it serves as a tamper-evident, gender-indifferent, and waterproof method for drug monitoring. To get started, a one time set-up fee and payment for initial patch is needed.

Standard Patch Includes:

– Methamphetamine

– Amphetamine

– Cocaine

– Codeine

– Morphine

– Heroin

– Marijuana


Extended Opiates Patch Also Includes:

– Hydrocodone/hydromorphone

– Oxycodone/oxymorphone

Key Features

Tamper Evident: Designed with tamper-evident technology to ensure the integrity of the monitoring process, preventing any unauthorized interference.

Acts as a Deterrent: Serving as a deterrent to continued drug use, our Drug Monitoring Patch encourages responsible behavior and promotes accountability.

Increased Window of Detection: Provides an extended window of detection compared to instant urine tests, enhancing the effectiveness of the monitoring process.

Reward or Sanction: Versatile usage allows the patch to be employed both as a reward for compliance and as a sanction for non-compliance.

Detects Parent Drug and Metabolite: Offers comprehensive detection capabilities, identifying both the parent drug and its metabolites for a more accurate assessment.

No Undetected Substitution, Dilution, or Adulteration: With advanced technology, our patch minimizes the risk of undetected attempts at substitution, dilution, or adulteration.

Variable Removal Date: Adaptable to individual needs, the patch allows for a variable removal date, providing flexibility in the monitoring process.

Quick Application and Removal: Streamlined application and removal processes ensure convenience and ease of use for both individuals and monitoring authorities.


Choose our Drug Monitoring Patch for a cutting-edge and reliable solution to drug monitoring, fostering a secure and accountable environment.

Comprehensive Substance Testing Services

Explore our wide range of substance testing solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

Testing Solutions

6-14 Panel Urine Drug Testing:
Efficient and thorough, our urine drug testing services cover a comprehensive 6-14 panel range, providing detailed insights into various substances. Our advanced testing methods ensure accuracy and reliability.

Alcohol EtG Testing:
For precise and reliable alcohol testing, our EtG testing measures Ethyl Glucuronide levels, offering a thorough assessment of alcohol consumption over an extended period. Choose accuracy and dependability for your alcohol testing needs. 80hr detection window.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing:
Experience in-depth drug testing with our hair follicle testing services. This method provides a longer detection window compared to traditional urine testing, offering a comprehensive overview of substance use history.

Nail Clippings / Shaving Drug Testing:
Our nail clippings drug testing is a unique and reliable method that provides insights into long-term substance use. This method offers an extended detection window, making it a valuable option for thorough and accurate testing.

Choose our comprehensive substance testing services for accurate, reliable, and detailed results. We are committed to providing the highest standards of testing to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Coastal Carolinas Monitoring LLC has proven to be a trusted partner in providing top-notch drug testing services. Their professionalism, personalized approach, and commitment to excellence make them stand out in the field. I wholeheartedly recommend Coastal Carolinas Monitoring LLC to any organization seeking reliable and efficient drug testing solutions.

Danny M.

I loved working with Stacey!! Impressed how much she knows about monitoring.

Lizz P.

What truly sets Coastal Carolinas Monitoring LLC apart is their compassionate and understanding approach. Dealing with sensitive matters such as alcohol and GPS monitoring can be challenging, but the team at Coastal Carolinas Monitoring LLC exhibited empathy and professionalism at every step. Their dedication to providing support and maintaining open communication made the entire experience more manageable for our family.

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